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List of Corporate Clients:

Clients' Comments:

John Gautner
In truth, I could not have done this without your help, so again, thanks to you, Etsuko. I do appreciate the work you have done very much. It was quite fortuitous that you took up this work just when I needed you!

Wayne from Canada
It was a pleasure to be part of a relaxing kaiseki luncheon and explore various japanese ingredients, flavours and textures. Etsuko reserved the luncheon in advance and made the experience even more enjoyable with personable conversion as well as giving information on the background of kaiseki. The translation services at the event made transactions extremely smooth, especially with great expertise and advices by Etsuko. Thank you!

Jim from Minnesota
Our trip to Japan was so fun and so coordinated I will have fond memories forever. Etsuko made every day a joy. I am forever grateful for her involvement in our travels. Thanks, Etsuko, for doing what you do.

Leland from Hawaii
Great job Etsuko! I think the fact that you have a passion for sake and food really made a difference in you enthusiasm during the whole trip. Thank you very much for all your help!

Brandon from New York
Etsuko you did a great job! Thanks for your help! It was really comforting to have all the information ahead of time. I was really busy doing other things while I was here and it was nice to have a well written, specific guide to let me know exactly what we were going to to and when we were going to be doing it. Very professional.

Jonathan from UK
All the travel and accommodation was organized to a very high level. Everything went very well indeed.